Johnnette Williams hosts this live program of special interest to women! She informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.

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On today’s Women of Grace, Johnnette Williams discusses holy reminders and how they put us in the right place for blessings. Additionally, Johnnette talks about freedom from fear and takes calls from a listener who made a great conversion to the Church

What does it mean when the Holy Spirit stirs up the Divine Light within us? Host Johnnette Williams says we should be open to God working in us. Surrender! It is what Our Lady did. Listen to Johnnette in the teaching about the Holy Spirit!

Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age researcher & blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. This week they discuss cleansing the home of evil. How is this done? Why should you do it? Sue says the best way to protect our homes and our loved ones from demonic attack is to actively and sincerely practice the faith, including her moral teachings, and pray daily. Listen to shows for other ways....

You have all gifts of the Holy Spirit if you ask says Johnnette Williams. These gifts a like " ..medics in the field of life..." We are all God's secret weapons. We should all be in the business of God. Even if you are driving-- you can pray for those abound you. We are all called to His mission.

Host Johnnette Williams shares the joy that we get from the Holy Spirit . It can lift us up and we feel the present of God. Prayer help us keep that joy throughout the day. Call Mike asked what he can do for his late grandfather who was a free mason. Johnnette share how a Mass in his name can help his soul.

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