Johnnette Williams hosts this live program of special interest to women! She informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.

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Women of Grace, Radio - 12/26/2019 - Be a Christmas Witness

Host Johnnette Williams shares how we are to be a witness during the Christmas season. Live in the faith of Christ. We should be an example of his light. Johnnette asked what listeners Christmas moments were. Demetri called and asked if the modern family is like the Holy Family in regards to the attacks they received. Johnnette says the devil hates family life of any kind and it comes under attack. Denise shares a Christmas miracle prayer answered when her daughter, who does not attend Mass regularly, went with her to confession and Mass. During Mass they were both asked by priest to distribute communion. Diane shares how husband and her share Christ during family Christmas dinner with a toast. Listen to it during today’s Women of Grace.

Women of Grace, Radio - 12/20/2019 - Eyes to the Manger

Host Johnnette Williams tells us to be alert to the one who is coming after Advent. Fix your eye to the manger. Look at the Child. This Christ child's skin will be chafed by the wood of the manger just like it will be on the wood of the Cross. Caller Patrica calls telling how she was abused by people in Church when she was a child, yet it is the Church that she remains close to.

Women of Grace, Radio - 12/19/2019 - The Cross is a gift

Host Johnnette Williams explains that we sometimes have a cross that God give us and it could be a gift. It maybe physical, emotional, or spiritual. Caller Dan has a cross of addiction to pornography. He has used it to turn toward Our Lord and prays the Rosary more. Johnnette shares how the Rosary is a powerful weapon against Satan. He hates the "Hail Mary" as it echos how a mere-human woman said "yes" and it changed the world. She shares the rosary : mproved rate of breathing; improves respiratory function. Boosts immune system and protects against sickness. Increases energy levels; fights chronic fatigue. Helps lower blood pressure. Alleviates muscle tension; aids relaxation. Helps with migraine headaches. Increases levels of serotonin. Helps with the coping with chronic diseases. Aids with the termination of physical addictions. Promotes restful sleep.

Women of Grace, Radio - 12/18/2019 - Wacky Wednesday - Energy Medicine

Sue Brinkmann joins Johnnette as they answer listeners call they left on EWTN comment line. Caller whose daughter is a witch. Ellen whose sister is into energy medicines. Gary knows of medium that prayers Our Father before each trance. Is that OK? Listen to Sue’s answer.

Women of Grace, Radio - 12/17/2019 - Silent Night

Host Johnnette Williams shares a memory of her mother singing her to sleep while singing "Silent Night." This carol has become her favorite. Sometimes the quite gets us ready for the holiday. Remember the 'silent man' during Christmas. Caller Gigi tells of harassment going on in her neighborhood toward her. Sarah share drama that is happening with her Godson. She asked how she can share her love and God's love with him. Isabella takes care of the elderly and the dying. She sees calm when she sings "Silent Night" in them. It can be ANY time of the year too.

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