Women of Grace

Johnnette Benkovic hosts this live program of special interest to women! She informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.

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Women of Grace, Radio - 02/08/2019 - with Sue Brinkman

Join Johnnette Williams and special guest Sue Brinkman for an hour of Women of Grace!

Women of Grace, Radio - 02/06/2019 - Maybe I'm Amazed

Amazed WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams reads from “In Conversation with God” by Fr. Francis Fernandez, She reads today’s Gospel about Jesus teaching in his home town and how the people were amazed at his knowledge. They still knew him as a carpenter and son of Mary and Joseph. They had a lack of faith. We may have this issue when talking the faith to our family when we speak the truth. They know our weakness and past. When talking to family we must speak in love and ask Our Lady to speak through us in a loving motherly way. Lead by words and deeds. Caller Cindy said she must learn this with her husband who does not share her prolife beliefs. She is worried about the latest New York abortion laws. She is writing to the Cardinal of New York to start sometime to show our stance. Yolanda is a caregiver that is in distress. Listen to Johnnette’s prayer for her and all caregivers in this episode of WOMEN OF GRACE.

Women of Grace, Radio - 02/05/2019 - Sanctity of Family

Only religion can accomplish for a modern society what tradition, reason, and empirical observation cannot. Christianity and Judaism provide the major premises of moral ... There is no need to attempt the impossible task of reasoning your way to first principles. Those principles are accepted as given by God……. This is text taken from the book WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams read by Judge Robert Bork. The book is called Slouching toward Gomorrah. We must move closer to a life God wants us to walk. We should not move away from life. Caller Olivia had an excellent call about what to do with her children. She is a Protestant and sees her church accepting immoral ways of life in order to welcome sinners. The problem is the sinners are still sinning in church now. Gay marriage, divorce, abortion and more are now ok in these churches. She is being called to the Catholic Church in order to protest her children. Johnnette says we are falling away from the sanctity of marriage and family. She praised Oliva for wanting to protest her daughters. Jennifer called and tells of her prolife work and how if follows the teaching of the Church. Listen to Johnette’s thoughts on birth control pills and IUDs in this episode of WOMEN OF GRACE.

Women of Grace, Radio - 02/04/2019 - What Have You Endured?

WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette talks about the past weeks shows she recorded for TV. Many great guests and topics. Her favorite was enduring for the Lord. Mary endured a lot for Jesus. Caller Doug loved the one3 show with Dr. Carrie Gress. Doug says that Mary’s heel helps crush the enemies head. Johnnette shared a letter from Sister Lucia about one of the things Our Lady talked about was how there will be a battle of marriage and family. We are seeing this today. How does God want to use you today? Caller Karen was depressed and thinking of suicide. Her story was one of prayer from friends and daily Mass. Johnnette says the power of prayer is healing. Listen to more in this episode of WOMEN OF GRACE.

Women of Grace, Radio - 01/25/2019 - Outrage at abortion laws in NY

WOMEN OF GRACE blogger Sue Brinkmann joins host Johnnette Williams to discuss the new abortion law in New York.

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