Women of Grace

Johnnette Benkovic hosts this live program of special interest to women! She informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.

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Women of Grace, Radio - 11/27/2018 - Speak the Truth

WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams wants you to share on the giving Tuesday. Be a good steward for God. This does not only have to be financially. Caller Lisa tells of the trials she has had and how turning to God have given her peace and joy. Johnnette says that the evil one will try ot take you down when you are at your lowest. He wants you to turn away from God. Stand strong and face the truth. Rose on YouTube wants to know about division in the family and if Goad wants us to lean away from them. Johnnette says Christ should come first. If a family member turns away for God then you must speak the truth to him of God’s love. Plant a seed of love. Marilou on Facebook agrees with telling the truth to a friend. She loves someone and it was had to speak the truth of God to her. Johnnette share the gentle way of doing this on today’s WOMEN OF GRACE.

Women of Grace, Radio - 11/26/2018 - Fear of Confession?

WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams talks about the coming of Advent. This is the time when Christ came to His family. He is word made flesh. We should start the year out with Mary. She is the woman clothed with the sun. Lena texted in and is in a mixed faith marriage when she is lectured when she talks about her faith. Johnnette tells her to offer it up in prayer. Praying for the family will open doors. Kathy calls in and wants to know about Advent reconciliation. What is it? Johnnette shares that this was a traditional form of confession during Advent. Confession is good for the soul and you should not fear going. You are talking to Jesus through the priest by Holy Orders. Irma on YouTube shakes when she goes to confession. Johnnette wonders if she had a bad experience with a priest during penance. Listen to today’s WOMEN OF GRACE.

Women of Grace, Radio - 11/21/2018 - Thanks and Giving

On this vigil to Thanksgiving WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams shares that we should give thanks and giving. We are in a world that has self-isolation. Many people have lost their humanity with over use of technology. We now have a lack of common courtesy. We must extend ourselves outside our comfort zone and make time for others around us. Our hearts need to be rooted in God. There are many in need and we need to give time. Katie on YouTube tells about the time her brother gave her as a child growing up. Caller Dianna tells of her family tradition of giving 5 kernels of corn on a plate for Thanksgiving and telling of the lack of food on the first Thanksgiving. Nancy called and told of the women’s group from her church that took care of her when she lost her leg. They give their time to feed, bathe and dress her while she healed. It is a gift of love. Athena texted with a story of people who took and stayed with her when she goes to the hospital. These are people with no expectations or motives. Johnnette says that is what giving ones time is about on today’s WOMEN OF GRACE.

Women of Grace, Radio - 11/19/2018 - Holidays...

Join us for Women of Grace with Johnnette Williams! On today’s show, Johnnette talks with callers about the work God does in each of our lives, and how the holiday season can bring stress and discontent. Listen and discover that you aren’t alone in your struggles with EWTN Radio’s Women of Grace with Johnnette Williams

Women of Grace, Radio - 11/14/2018 - Fear

Fear Johnnette Williams, the host of WOMEN OF GRACE, wants to see what listeners fear. What would God say about it? We must move nakedly closer to God. We must not bring anything that would move us away from God. Caller Georgianna is afraid for her daughter’s soul. She is not going to any church. Both her and her husband will not go to any church or going with them during holidays. Johnnette says to not push them put pray for help by Our Lady Undoer of Knots. She also says to offer Masses for them. Rita on YouTube is afraid of becoming Catholic. She is afraid she will lose her husband and her 21 year old son. Johnnette says for her to talk to a priest and jump in. This is for her and not them. Kim from Facebook is afraid for her daughter who is 12 and had a cancerous tumor. Johnnette shares the fears she had for her children after her son was killed and how she had to let go and let God handle it. Laura called in upset. She just found out her unborn child is sick. The doctors do not think it will survive. She is refusing an abortion. What can she do? Listen to Johnnette’s advice about the National Catholic Bioethics Center on today’s WOMEN OF GRACE.

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