Women of Grace

Johnnette Benkovic hosts this live program of special interest to women! She informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.

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Women of Grace, Radio - 05/17/2019 - Holy Defender

WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams reads from Fr. Emil Neubert's book Oueen of Militant. We are called to fight in the darkness and to be a soldier for Christ. The evil one uses our weakness and we must be a defender of the faith. Anna calls in and reads the St. Bridgette prayer. Roby on Facebook tells of how prayers to Our Lady help to release her mother and brother for war in her country. Bobby is a new listener who asked for prayer for his mother., Listen to Johnnette as she prays for this family.

Women of Grace, Radio - 05/16/2019 - Dealing with Loss

WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams is touched by our first caller who lost her parent in a horrible house fire. They were found huddled together. They both were devote Catholics. Beth can not understand why this happened. Johnnette sheds tears and tried to help her through this. Caller Ruth also has lost a love one. Listen to Johnnette as she share with these women and guides them to turn to Our Lady who also knows sorrow.

Women of Grace, Radio - 05/15/2019 - Dealing with Cults

WOMEN OF GRACE blogger Sue Brinkmann join host Johnnette Williams as they talk today about cults. They discuss why people join them and what is the attraction. This comes from a call the previous day from Elaine whose daughter is in the "Twelve Tribes" cult and can not contact her mother or husband. Yolanda calls to tell of her escape from a cult and her return to her Catholic faith. .

Women of Grace, Radio - 05/14/2019 - Prayer Requests May 2019

WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams ask listeners to call in asking for prayers. She shares the history of Saint Matthias the disciple to who took Judas place. Johnnette also tells story of meeting fellow Catholic in grocery store while buy soda and sharing power of Rosary.

Women of Grace, Radio - 05/10/2019 - Fatima, angels and 1st Communion

WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams shares the joy of her grandson's first communion. She explains the blessed sacrament. She also talks about Fatima and how Our Lady appeared to 3 shepard children. There was also an angel of Portugal that prepared them before she appeared. Anne called and shared her first communion story and that her grandfather died the morning she was to get her 1st communion. Nina has a story of Our Lady helping her to pray the rosary as a child. Michelle shared that her mother is becoming a nun. Listen to this and more on WOMEN OF GRACE

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