Johnnette Williams hosts this live program of special interest to women! She informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.

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Roe v. Wade has been struck down. Abortion on demand is no longer the defacto law of the land across the United States. The question of the legality of abortion has returned to each state and the democratic process. The work to protect the unborn and create a better environment for women and families doesn’t end now. Instead it must continue with even greater vigor. Our guests Ryan Anderson, head of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and Alexandra DeSanctis, a National Review journalist, know that reality well. Their newly released book Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing, makes the case that abortion hurts more than simply an unborn child. Abortion harms society far more than it helps it. They join us today on Register Radio.

Johnnette brings you a live, call-in show to simplify and amplify your life of grace. Today on the first day of July Johnnette wants to know the good things in your life in the past month and what you look forward to in this next. Caller Katie calls in with Infertility issues in her marriage. They have done so much and there is so much pain and want. Johnnette shares her knowledge of this issue. Listeners call in with prayer and words of hope for Katie and her husband.

What's the 'Good Wine' in your life? ask host Johnnette Williams. She traches about the Wedding of Canna how Jesus turned the water into the best wine. The lead server ask why the best wine was saved for last. Jesus can take the water and dregs of our live and make it something better. Callers Laureen and Mary Beth have loved one with PTSD and share what they did to get their lives moving the the right direction.

Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age researcher & blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. This week they discuss Kundalini yoga and other topics by callers today. Caller Vanessa has a wedding her family is invited to by niece who is being married by a Kundalini yoga teacher. The family wants to keep the peace. What should she do as a Catholic? Melissa wants to know what to say when people tell you they are sending you 'positive vibes"? Joan has a question on centering prayer and its history.

Host Johnnette Williams welcomes guest John Martignoni as they talk about Apologetics of the Catholic faith. Todays topic is on the authority of the Catholic church. How does the church have to power to teach against same sex marriage, abortion and transgenderism?

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