Women of Grace

Johnnette Benkovic hosts this live program of special interest to women! She informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.

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Women of Grace, Radio - 01/30/2018 - Johnnette Benkovic

Today, Johnnette talked about the presentation of Jesus because it brings to mind the fact that we should be presenting ourselves to the Lord each day.

Kathy told us that her daughter had an assignment in her biology class that demonstrates how a human embryo and a pig embryo can be used to made organs for humans.

Emma says that she listens to EWTN radio each day and to pray for her mother who is celebrating a birthday.

Women of Grace, Radio - 01/29/2018 - Johnnette Benkovic

Today, Johnnette talked about how precious all life is and the fact that she is a grandmother. She also spoke about how Women of Grace began.

Bob reminded us that all babies are a gift from God.
Connie called to tell us that her ex-husband murdered his girlfriend and asked about forgiveness.

Women of Grace, Radio - 01/26/2018 - Johnnette Benkovic

Today, Johnnette spoke about the book “Divine Intimacy” and a volume of books titled “In Conversation with God.” She said that both are available at EWTN RC dot com and that she highly recommends them for ones spiritual life.

Trisha called to say that she is non-Catholic but is very much drawn to the Catholic faith.
Mary called to say that the Lord is with the Virgin Mary differently than anyone else.
James asked if there’s a special formula for forgiveness.

Women of Grace, Radio - 01/25/2018 - Johnnette Benkovic

Today, Johnnette continued with the theme of wounds of the heart.

Theresa asked about the role of spouses in the Church.
Marsha asked about speaking in tongues.
Deacon Francis had a question about the sacrament of Marriage

Women of Grace, Radio - 01/24/2018 - Johnnette Benkovic

Today, Johnnette continued speaking about wounds of the heart and how best to heal those wounds.

Corrine asked about alternative medicines and the Catholic church.
Kris called to tell Johnnette that her prayers were answered in the affirmative.
Mike wanted to know who coined the term “holy duet.”
Brian asked if he can leave Mass after communion.

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