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Take2 - 08/02/2019 - Prayerful Parenting

Prayerful Parenting
Parenting is hard. It doesn’t come with a how-to manual. Without God and faith, it’s hard enough. Do you strive to seek God’s help and His will in how you raise, train and discipline your children? Do you pray about what’s best for them? Do you pray with your spouse and turn to Scripture for advice on raising them? Do you make sure they receive their sacraments? Do you try to make sure they get the best possible religious instruction? How do you make God and our faith the center of your important task of child-raising? Share your take on this with Jerry and Debbie on Friday.

Take2 - 08/01/2019 - Whom or What Are You Praying For?

Whom or What Are You Praying For?
On Thursday, it’s our monthly show for you to call, text, e-mail or post on social media any prayer intentions you would like the world to pray for. We’ll get to as many of them as we can on the air, but even if we don’t get to yours, we will gather them all and offer a prayer for all of your intentions at the end of the show.

Take2 - 07/31/2019 - The Bright Side of Marriage!

We always hear about the problems in marriage but when do we ever take the time and really show gratitude for our marriages. Sacramental marriages should be cherished, celebrated and shared with a world that is in need. On Wednesday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie, please tell us what you LOVE about your marriage. Debbie will share what she values the most in marriage. (attached photo is Marty and Debbie’s Wedding Day)

Share with the world the bright side of marriage by calling, 1-833-288-3986.

Take2 - 07/30/2019 - Would You Take Their Place?

Would You Take the Place of Someone Who Is Suffering Or Dying?
Suffering is a part of life. In fact, Our Lord Jesus Christ makes it clear that without suffering (“Take up your cross daily and follow me…”), we cannot be His disciples. The goal of discipleship is eternity in Heaven with Jesus. On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie invite you to call with your take about someone you know and love who is suffering, and, perhaps, even dying. Would you take that individual’s place if somehow you could be given the opportunity? Maybe it’s your spouse, one of your children, a good friend, a neighbor, a co-worker or a fellow parishioner. This would be the ultimate sign of true love. Let’s all learn from each other.

Take2 - 07/29/2019 - Do You Feel Unappreciated?

Do You Feel Unappreciated?
While we should never do anything in order to be seen by others and applauded for our efforts. still, it’s a fact of life that we work harder and flourish more when we have a sense of accomplishment that is partly due to others expressing their appreciation. Every one of us has experienced being unappreciated – or worse – when we’ve poured ourselves into a task. This could range anywhere from the workplace to the home, from your volunteer work to going out of your way to help a friend or a neighbor. On Monday, let’s talk about this idea of feeling unappreciated, and how we can use it to draw closer to Jesus and increase our dependence on Him alone.

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