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Take2 - 10/05/2019 - Best Of (How to Ward Off Temptation)

Temptation Doesn’t Have to Triumph
How Do You Effectively Ward Off Temptation? Share with us by calling, 1-833-288-3986.

Take2 - 10/03/2019 - Do You Have a Spiritual Support Group?

Life has its ups and downs. Many challenges. Times when we really need the prayers and spiritual comfort and consolation of family and friends. A lot of us enlist the daily prayers of a priest, a monastery or a convent. Many parishes have a prayer chain. Perhaps you know someone who is a real prayer warrior. Those can all be powerful supports for us in daily life. On Thursday, let’s talk about how we get spiritual support.

Take2 - 10/02/2019 - Guardian Angels....

October 2nd is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. God has assigned each and every one of us a guardian angel to guard and guide us. Psalm 91 affirms that for us. So, what kind of relationship do you have with your guardian angel? Do you ask them for help only when you are in danger? Or maybe you are more like Padre Pio and you acknowledge your guardian angel on a regular basis. Let’s talk about guardian angels and the role they play in your lives on Wednesday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. Call in and share. 1-833-288-3986

Take2 - 10/01/2019 - Whom or What Are You Praying For?

Whom Or What Are You Praying For?
Tuesday is the first of the month, the day we dedicate to joining you and the world in praying for your important intentions. Get them ready and be sure to call early so that we get to your intentions!

Take2 - 09/30/2019 - Single to Married (Adjustments)

What Was Your Hardest Adjustment Going From Single to Married Life?
Following a vocational call to holy matrimony can be filled with great joy and blessings. But it also presents challenges to each spouse, especially if he or she has lived the single life prior to entering the marriage, which has been called a “saint-making machine.” That’s because husband and wife must learn to put the other first, to make sacrifices that they previously didn’t have to make, in essence, to live very differently than they did when they were single. When you got married, what did you find to be the hardest adjustment(s) from single life? Let’s learn again from each other on Monday’s show.

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