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They say you can choose your friends but not your family. Ideally, families would all be close and live in harmony with one another. But that’s not always the case. Are you estranged from any of your family members? Unfortunately, it’s more common than we might want to think. Call and let’s talk about it on Thursday.

Jesus said, “I thirst,” from the cross. Undoubtedly, he had a tremendous physical thirst at the time. But his statement can also be understood as a thirst for souls, an ardent desire that all be saved through His passion and death. Do you share that “thirst” with Jesus? Let’s talk about it on Wednesday.

There are plenty of news stories to discuss on Tuesday’s Take 2. But, we would like to know which news story has grabbed your attention. Maybe it is a local piece that we should be made aware of. Or possibly, it is something in the U.S. or World News that you want to highlight for the Take 2 family. Whatever it is, please call in and let’s have a conversation about it. 1-833-288-3986

Stress can be a real killer. How well do you manage stress? Do you exercise, pray, sleep or read books to alleviate stress? Or do you try to pretend that stress is not affecting you and therefore you keep it all inside? There are many ways to manage stress so that it does not have to become destructive in our lives.

Please answer this important question on Friday’s show by calling, 1-833-288-3986. Share with us what mistake you will never make again because of the lessons learned. We can be filled with regrets, guilt and shame from mistakes or we can learn and grow from our stumbles. Tune in for this great discussion.

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