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Hosts Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni create a welcoming on-air environment so that their listeners feel comfortable sharing with one another their take on the most important issues of daily life. Catholics helping Catholics! As a peer-to-peer ministry, it's social media for the ears!

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Take2 - 06/06/2019 - Life involves suffering

Life involves suffering. For some, a lot of suffering. What we “do” with that suffering is of the utmost importance. First, we can and should unite it to the suffering of Jesus during His passion and death in reparation for our own sins. But the Bible and the teachings of the Church make it clear that we can embrace our hardships for the spiritual benefit of others. In Colossians 1:24, St. Paul says that he even rejoices in the opportunity he has to suffer for others. At the heart of this notion of suffering for others is the Church’s understanding of the mystical Body of Christ including those in heaven, those on earth, and those in Purgatory. Has there been a time in your life when you accepted your suffering with the intention of God helping someone else? Perhaps you have even asked the Lord for suffering with the same thing in mind. Let’s have a conversation about this on Thursday’s show.

Take2 - 06/05/2019 - Do You See Yourself In Your Pet?

Most of us have pets. They all have their quirky ways of acting. But they often bond with us so closely that they either take on our traits, or they behave in a manner that resembles how we live.

Take2 - 06/04/2019 - For Such a Time as This

In The Book of Esther, it says that she may well have been made queen “for such a time as this,” a time when she could most effectively serve her people. Have you ever thought of your life, and the fact that you were created, conceived and born in this time, versus, say, a thousand years ago, or a hundred years in the future? God knows exactly what He’s doing when placing each of us on this earth. The problem is, we often don’t know what that reason is. As you examine your life – the highs, the lows, the ups, the downs, the joys, the sorrows, your wounds and your strengths – has it occurred to you, even in some small way, why you are here, now, at this time in world and salvation history? You have a role to play in God’s design that no one else can play. Let’s talk about this on Tuesday’s show.

Take2 - 06/03/2019 - Whom or What Are You Praying For?

Whom or What Are You Praying For?

Take2 - 05/30/2019 - Unscripted

Our monthly Unscripted show is quite popular because you bring all the topics for the entire hour. We open the phone lines and give you the opportunity to ask anything, revisit past shows, suggest future topics, you name it. It is a fast paced and always interesting show that we look forward to each and every month. So please join us by calling, 1-833-288-3986. Talk soon!

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