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Hosts Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni create a welcoming on-air environment so that their listeners feel comfortable sharing with one another their take on the most important issues of daily life. Catholics helping Catholics! As a peer-to-peer ministry, it's social media for the ears!

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Take2 - 05/22/2019 - The Opioid Epidemic

The Devastating Effects of the Opioid Epidemic
On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome your personal experiences of the devastating opioid problem facing our country, as well as many other countries around the world. What very often starts out as simply a matter of someone taking medications for an injury or an illness, sadly, turns into an addiction that can wreak havoc on the abuser, as well as his or her family and friends. Tragically, many lose their lives every year as a result of this disaster. Rather than delving deeply into facts and statistics about the epidemic, we want to hear if you have been personally impacted by it. This is sure to be a poignant and impactful conversation.

Take2 - 05/21/2019 - Unfulfilled?

Life is so interesting. There are times in life when it feels so exciting and productive. Other times, life can feel empty and somewhat meaningless. There comes a time when we start realizing that there is so much more in life we could and should be doing. We want to inspire others and use our God-given gifts to build up the kingdom. But life moves quickly and the routines of life tend to take over. If this is you, and you are feeling unfulfilled at some level, call us. 1-833-288-3986. Or if your life is extremely fulfilling each and every day, we want to hear from you as well.

Take2 - 05/20/2019 - Have You Been a Foster Parent?

Have You Been a Foster Parent?
On Monday, plan to join Jerry and Debbie in a conversation about foster parenting. It’s a truly beautiful reality in many families. Perhaps you were raised by foster parents. Or maybe you have been a father or a mother to foster children. How are these situations ant different from raising biological children? How are they similar? Let’s have a lively discussion so we can all learn more about this important gift to many of God’s precious children.

Take2 - 05/17/2019 - Weekend Plans with God?

Most of us work during the weekdays with the weekend being something we look forward to. When you envision the upcoming weekend, do you picture yourself sleeping more, watching TV, playing sports, shopping or doing errands? So many times we take a break from God during the weekends. We want to rest, have fun and relax…to the extent that we sometimes forget about Mass. Is this what happens in your life? Is God an afterthought on the weekends or do you make God a priority, especially on Sunday. Let’s have a deeply honest discussion on this topic and see if we can learn something about ourselves and our relationship with God

Take2 - 05/16/2019 - Are Pets Smart?

Are Pets Really That Smart?
How smart are our pets? There was the lovable collie named Lassie, who starred on television for nearly nineteen years, helping people out of countless difficult situations. And there was Flipper, the adorable dolphin who seemed to almost speak English in doing much the same thing as Lassie. While these were dramatizations, we want to ask you on Thursday if our pets are really able to tell when we’re sad, hurt, sick or in trouble. Have you had an experience of this? Share your take on our next broadcast.

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