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Thursday’s show should be very enlightening to us all. We are asking adult children to weigh in and share how they treat their parents. We also want to hear from parents as well. Do you feel your children keep the commandment of honoring their father and mother? Today’s culture seems to give little value, praise and respect to parents/grandparents. Not all societies are like this though. There are still parts of the world where the elderly are highly respected and cared for. Let’s discuss all aspects of this reality and see if we can open our eyes and hearts to the needs of our elders…1-833-288-3986

We know the importance of prayer in the family. Many parents gather their children for an evening Rosary, not to mention praying before meals and going to Mass. What about those family members who are still unborn in their mothers' wombs? Many studies have shown that children growing in the womb can be affected by many things, including their moms and dads talking to them, playing certain soothing music for them, etc. As you are/were expecting the delivery of your children, do you also pray over them in the womb? We have only to turn to the account of St. John the Baptist leaping in his mother's womb to know that the unborn can take in a lot more than we might imagine. Why not get started praying with them from the moment of conception?

So many of our fellow Christians own businesses. We may even hear of their particular business on our local Catholic radio station. But do we take the time to seek them out for services, goods, etc and support them? That is the question we are asking on Tuesday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. Maybe you are a business owner and would like to comment on this topic. Do you as an owner feel supported by the Christian community?

To start the week, we’ll take a look at the subject of forgiveness, and how, sometimes, we manage to forgive, but never forget what someone has done to harm us.

It’s already the end of the week, and, on Friday, we’ll take your calls, emails, texts and social media prayer intentions. Whatever you need God to help with right now, let’s storm heaven together and lift up one another’s urgent intentions.

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