Hosts Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni create a welcoming on-air environment so that their listeners feel comfortable sharing with one another their take on the most important issues of daily life. Catholics helping Catholics! As a peer-to-peer ministry, it's social media for the ears!

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Take2 - 02/14/2020 - Rekindled Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are talking about love on Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. Relationships can be hard, rocky and sometimes painful. Love can slip away but there are those stories of rekindled love. The stories of love found again after many years of being apart or hurt by a relationship. Please call in and share your story of rediscovering love again with that special someone. Tell us if prayer and patience were part of your journey to find love again. Call us at 1-833-288-3986.

Take2 - 02/13/2020 - Smarter Than God?

Do You Know Anyone Who Thinks They're Smarter Than God?
On Thursday, Jerry and Debbie will present a rather intriguing question for you to run with: Do you know anyone who thinks they’re smarter than God? What exactly do we mean? Well, for instance, those who say they don’t believe in God and are better for it. Or those who may believe in God, but say they would do things differently than He does. This could be a very lively and impactful conversation. Be sure to tune in and call in!

Take2 - 02/12/2020 - Mindful of God Everyday?

How Many Times a Day Do You Think of God?
Hebrews 12:2 exhorts us to fix our eyes on Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 directs us to pray without ceasing. Do verses like this imply that we should have God on our minds 24/7? On Wednesday, join Jerry and Debbie and share your take on how mindful you are of God throughout your day. While it may not be possible to be thinking about Him at every moment, we can still direct our attention toward heaven countless times each day. We look forward to your take on this question on our next broadcast.

Take2 - 02/11/2020 - I've Been Healed!

"I've Been Healed!"
There is a tremendous amount of pain and suffering in the world. Almost no one is immune from it, whether it is you going through it, or someone you love. If Jesus is anything, He’s a healer. Yep, He’s still in the healing “business.” Have you turned to Him in your time of need? Did you get the healing you so badly wanted or needed? If so, on Tuesday let’s all be like the one leper who returned to Jesus after He healed all ten of them, and tell the world how grateful we are for what the Lord has done for us. And, remember, healings come in all types – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc. So, no matter how God has come to your aid, please join us and share it with the world.

Take2 - 02/10/2020 - Practice What You Preach?

Do You Practice What You Preach?
Please join us on Monday by calling in and sharing if you genuinely live out what you preach. Or maybe you struggle with this and want to talk about that as well. Often times, our children are hearing things from us that simply don’t line up with how we are living. Do as I say, not as I do….We don’t always ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ in this life and that can be confusing for others. It can also earn us the title of, hypocrite. Let’s have a productive discussion on how we can authentically be a Catholic Christian and truly practice what we preach. Call us at, 1-833-288-3986.

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