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Conversion is a lifelong process. As we make that all-important journey, we change many of our behaviors, friends, habits, hangouts, etc. As you look back at your life before you took your faith seriously, would the people you knew and spent time with recognize you now? Sometimes we change so much - hopefully for the better - that we end up losing many of those friends and things we used to do. If you have some thoughts on this, be sure to call and share them with Jerry and Debbie, and the world, on Tuesday's show.

Debbie and Jerry ask listeners whom they are praying for and take #prayer requests. These are some of the prayer needs on today's Take 2: prayers for the conversion of my Uncle, for four people in my life suffering from cancer, my wife just took our 8 kids, I need a miracle for our daughter, and my son needs encouragement and help in finding a job.

Friday is our July 2020 Unscripted show. You bring the topics and the takes. Be sure to call early, and let the world know what is on your mind or in your heart.
Michael calls about Our Lady devotion. Robin ask for prayers for her blindness and Parkinsons.

Some marriages have very minor issues, while other marriages deal with major situations that can cripple the relationship. Often times, we are reluctant to share publicly our relationship issues for fear that we will judged by others. Marriage is tough enough these days and we certainly don’t need to add any outside criticism of our decisions in life. So, we suffer in silence and the marriage continues to deteriorate. Then, just before the dreaded divorce word is introduced, we may make an attempt to save the relationship. Yet sadly, it may be too late at that point. On Thursday, we will be discussing the problems in relationships and where we can find help/support for our marriages. Call us, if you would like to share your story. 1-833-288-3986

In the Bible, Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus, often gets a bum rap because Jesus said Mary chose the better part, i.e. sitting at Jesus’ feet in a more contemplative manner. But that doesn’t mean Martha’s role is unimportant. There are many times we are called to serve others, and to serve Jesus in others. If it weren’t for people who take an active role in serving the needs of others, much suffering would proliferate throughout the world. On Wednesday, join Jerry and Debbie and share how you have played the part of Martha in your community. This isn’t about bragging on ourselves. Rather, it’s an opportunity to inspire others to take a more active role in serving others.

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