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-Steve Splonskowski (Executive Director)

“The Lord Prepares us for an Encounter”

In Mark 11:2-4 Jesus tells two of His disciples: “Go into the village opposite you, and immediately on entering it, you will find a colt tethered on which no one has ever sat. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone should say to you, ‘Why are you doing this?’ reply, ‘The Master has need of it and will send it back here at once.”  I can only imagine that if I was one of those disciples I would certainly ask: “Lord, and if he says “nice try” and I end up in jail, what do I say then?”  Yet, we have all experienced those events in life where the Lord has prepared us and those we run into for an encounter that only makes sense when it happens. It is just another great reminder that the Lord paves the way, open doors and prepares hearts to be open when we follow and listen to His direction. Lent is near and is a great time to prepare ourselves for an encounter with Christ at Easter. Along that journey there will likely be other encounters He has in mind and opportunities to share Him with others. As disciples being sent into our own “villages”, may we trust Him completely.


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