Actively Seeking Virtue

St. Ignatius and many of the saints of the Church talk about the cultivation of virtue in our lives. This is an obvious step in the spiritual life that, I think, we often see as only a passive process, something that just happens instead of an intentional activity we can participate in or choose to cultivate.  I live most of my life trying to avoid sin and vice, but the saints challenge us not only to avoid sin, but instead to actively choose the virtues that counteract those sins.  In the Sunday gospel we recently heard the parable of the sower and how the “soils” of our hearts need to be cultivated and turned over in order to receive the message.  Actively seeking virtues can be a way to ready our hearts for the seed of God’s word so that we can produce a harvest of 100, 60 or 30 fold. So what virtue will you seek to work on today?


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