Doing the Small Things Well

Somedays the daily tasks of life just feel so burdensome and unimportant. For one who thrives on challenge and activity it is difficult to find meaning in the normal.  It seems like every time I meditate on the fourth sorrowful mystery: the carrying of the cross, in my mind I see the cross being drug along by Christ on a gravel road. The wood of the cross makes a slow, rhythmic grinding noise and leaves behind a sort of weaving path on the road. The quiet steady image reminds me of Christ working arduously and patiently daily to draw each of us to a deeper relationship with Him, especially through the normal things in life.  Luke gives us a great reminder in chapter 16:10: “Whoever can be trusted in very small things, can be trusted with much” Today let’s look for him in the daily grind: our commute, in our chores or housework, in our job or school work and especially in those we can serve around us.



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