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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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RPL Hr. 2 December 5 Fr. George Winzenburg, 10 - Minute Tour, Mark Conzemius, Fr. Mario Esposito

In the second hour, hosts Michael Wilde and Fr. Will Thompson joined Fr. George Winzenburg to talk about the inspiring stories of student success at Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Michael and Fr. Will then took us on our 10-Minute Tour of local events. Mark Conzemius of the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota shared more about this year’s Christmas at the Cathedral in Sioux Falls. Finally, our hosts spoke with Fr. Mario Esposito about the mystery of the hermitage and what hermits bring to the Church.

RPL Hr. 1 December 5 Fr. Aaron Kuhn, Straight Talk with Fr. Will Thompson

In the first hour, hosts Michael Wilde and Fr. Will Thompson began by visiting with Fr. Aaron Kuhn of the Diocese of St. Cloud about the special project he is taking on to both draw his community together and help support potential vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Then, it was your chance to call in with questions and comments during our "Straight Talk" segment. Listeners asked questions on topics including: confession and sin, sinners being begotten by God, and the Incarnation.

RPL Hr. 2 December 4 Fr. Austin Vetter, 10-Minute Tour, Corrine Exley, Patrick McGuire, Maria Lusardi

In the second hour, hosts Fr. Richard Kunst and Fr. Ryan Moravitz joined the Diocese of Bismarck's Fr. Austin Vetter to talk about what goes into the spiritual formation of seminarians and the importance of that, especially in light of the current crisis. Our hosts then toured around the listening area to hear about local events in our 10-Minute Tour. Corrine Exley shared a unique way her parish in Gillette, WY is helping families in need this holiday season. Finally, Fr. Rich and Fr. Ryan visited with Patrick McGuire and Maria Lusardi about what the "O" Antiphons are, why we need to know about them, and how they help us prepare for Christmas.

RPL Hr. 1 December 4 Bishop Paul Sirba, Bishop Thomas Aitken, Straight Talk with Fr. Richard Kunst and Fr. Ryan Moravitz

In the first hour, hosts Fr. Richard Kunst and Fr. Ryan Moravitz sat down with Bishop Paul Sirba of the Diocese of Duluth and Bishop Thomas Aitken of the ELCA’s Northeastern Minnesota Synod to talk about the differences between Catholic and Protestant bishops and how their roles are similar. It was then time for our Straight Talk call in segment. This time, listeners called in with questions on topics including: where guardian angels go when we die, if God still creates angels, if we are seeing any growth in the Church, and what some steps are for discerning which parish to attend.

RPL Hr. 2 November 29 Bishop Robert Gruss, 10 - Minute Tour, Bishop John Quinn, Fr. Edwin Anderson

In the second hour, hosts Andy Shaw and Fr. Michel Mulloy were joined in-studio by the Diocese of Rapid City's Bishop Robert Gruss to talk about our call to minister to the needs of the hungry, the thirsty, and the strangers among us. Our hosts then traveled around the listening area to hear about some great local events in our 10-Minute Tour. The Diocese of Winona-Rochester's Bishop John Quinn then spoke with our hosts about the highly publicized general assembly of bishops in Baltimore and the recent bankruptcy announcement from his diocese. Finally, Andy and Fr. Mike visited with the Diocese of Superior’s Fr. Ed Anderson about how we can look at Advent in a fresh way.

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