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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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RPL Hr. 2 August 29 Bishop John LeVoir, Kathy Kramer, and Fr. Charles LaCroix

In the second hour, hosts Roxane Salonen and Fr. Charles LaCroix continued our discussion on the Theology of the Body with Bishop John LeVoir of the Diocese of New Ulm, focusing on how it works its way back to the central theme of a relationship with Jesus. Our hosts then spoke with Kathy Kramer about the Fall Festival coming up at St. Anthony's Church in Linton, ND. Finally, Fr. LaCroix recapped this past Sunday's Gospel reading from Matthew.

RPL Hr. 1 August 29 Msgr. Dennis Skonseng, Ken Reed, Nadia Smetana, and Fr. Richard McAlear

In the first hour, hosts Roxane Salonen and Fr. Charles LaCroix began by speaking with Msgr. Dennis Skonseng and Ken Reed about Catholic second hand stores and how they help local communities. Next, they spoke with Nadia Smetana about the upcoming Dakota Hope Clinic fundraising banquet in Minot. Finally, our hosts visited with Fr. Richard McAlear about his healing ministry and the healing retreat he will be leading at Blessed Sacrament Church in Rapid City.

RPL Hr. 2 August 24 Chris Bermingham, Rosemarie Dykeman, and Amy Julian

In the second hour, hosts Brad Gray and Jeanine Bitzan spoke with Chris Bermingham & Rosemarie Dykeman about how they help couples heal and renew their marriages through their program, Retrouvaille. To end the show, our hosts talked with Amy Julian, Director of Family Life Ministries in the Diocese of Rapid City, about the importance of celebrating married life and how the Diocese of Rapid City seeks to honor husbands and wives.

RPL Hr. 1 August 24 Mirco Morganti, Tim Staples, and Kaitlyn Speiser

In the first hour, hosts Brad Gray and Jeanine Bitzan talked to Mirco Morganti, Chef at Toscana restaurant in Downtown Fargo. They talked with him about his love of cooking and about some tips for cooking an authentic Italian meal. After that, our hosts visited with Tim Staples of Catholic Answers about his upcoming visit as keynote speaker at the THIRST 2017 Men's Conference in Bismarck. Finally, we continued our Fall Festival Tour as Brad and Jeanine spoke with Kaitlyn Speiser about the St. Clara's Fall Get Together in Clara City, MN.

RPL Hr. 2 August 22 Fr. Mark Mallak, Kathy and Jim Heisler, and Michael McMahon

In the second hour, host Michael Wilde spoke with Fr. Mark Mallak, Senior Associate for the Holy Family Area Faith Community in the Diocese of New Ulm, about the trials and opportunities he has experienced as a priest and how he feels his priesthood has grown as a result. Michael then began our Fall Festival Tour as he spoke with Kathy and Jim Heisler about the 70th annual Fall Dinner at St. Hildegard Church in Menoken, ND. Finally, our host visited with Michael McMahon, Vice President for Enrollment Management at the University of Mary, about virtuous leadership in athletics as we approach the start of the fall sports season.

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