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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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RPL Hr. 1 December 18 Bishop David Kagan, Straight Talk with Frs. Josh & Justin Waltz

In the first hour, hosts Frs. Josh and Justin Waltz began by visiting with Bishop Kagan of the Bismarck Diocese about why the Third Sunday of Advent is so special and how we can celebrate Advent and Christmas in proper ways. It was then time for our "Straight Talk" call-in segment. Listeners asked questions on topics including: how God became man but still remained God; if a priest assaulted in the confessional can talk to the police without breaking the seal of confession; and what resources are recommended for 5th Graders when it comes to learning about the Mass.

RPL Hr. 2 December 13 Fr. Marvin Klemmer, 10-Minute Tour, Joseph Littlefield, Rachel Herbeck

In the second hour, host Fr. James Gross joined the Diocese of Bismarck’s Fr. Marvin Klemmer, also known as the “Cruise Ship Priest,” to talk about how he has served in a special way during the voyages of the faithful. Fr. Gross then took us on a 10-Minute Tour of local events. Fr. Jayson Miller and seminarian Joseph Littlefield talked about if the priests can once again take down the seminarians in the 25th annual Collar Classic: The Priests vs. Seminarians Basketball Game in the Diocese of Fargo. Finally, our host spoke with Rachel Herbeck of the Minnesota Catholic Conference about the twisted ideas of commercial surrogacy and designer babies and why we should take a stand against both.

RPL Hr. 1 December 13 John-Howard Carroll, Straight Talk with Fr. James Gross

n the first hour, host Fr. James Gross began by visiting with John-Howard Carroll, Lourdes High School Assistant Football Coach, about winning on and off the field and how he and Head Coach Mike Kesler bring faith and formation to the gridiron. For the last half of the hour, listeners had a chance to call in with or Facebook their questions for Fr. Gross during our "Straight Talk" segment. This time, they asked questions on topics including: what to do when we feel like one of the 99 sheep that Jesus leaves to go get the one, what Jesus means in Luke 12:49-53 when He says He came to bring division, and what is meant when scripture talks about a mace being between someone's legs.

RPL Hr. 2 December 12 Travis Lasseter, 10 - Minute Tour, Mike Kiedrowski, Fr. Michael Tupa

In the second hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Dr. Chris Burgwald joined Travis Lasseter of the Black Hills Pregnancy Center in Rapid City to talk about how the Knights of Columbus have stepped up to help the Center serve the needs of women in a greater way. Our hosts then took us on a 10-Minute Tour of local events. Mike Kiedrowski, Real Presence Radio Listener Relationships Coordinator, spoke about leaving a lasting legacy with your will and estate planning. Finally, Heather and Dr. Burgwald visited with the Diocese of Superior’s Fr. Michael Tupa about how his parish is living out the call to perpetually pray for those who have been hurt by the sex abuse scandal and for those who have caused the hurt.

RPL Hr. 1 December 12 Fr. Paul Rutten, Straight Talk with Fr. Tim Smith and Dr. Chris Burgwald

In the first hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Dr. Chris Burgwald began by visiting with Fr. Paul Rutten of the Diocese of Sioux Falls about taking away the fear of the annulment process and knowing when to approach someone about it. Fr. Tim Smith then joined our hosts for our "Straight Talk" call in segment. Listeners asked questions on topics including: how you love your neighbor while standing up for the Church's teachings on morality, if the cost keeps people from seeking annulments, and if a Catholic should read books written by a Buddhist monk.

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