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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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Most Recent Episodes

RPL Jan 9 Hr. 1 Seg 3 Prayerfully Yours

We prayed for your specific intentions during this segment.

RPL Jan 9 Hr. 1 Seg 2 Straight Talk

Listeners called in with their questions for Fr. Robert Horihan, Rector of Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona, MN.

RPL Jan 9 Hr. 1 Seg 1 Jason Adkins

Jason Adkins of the Minnesota Catholic Conference previews the Bridge Builder Podcast, which will air on all Minnesota RPR stations beginning January 14th.

RPL Jan 8 Hr. 2 Seg 4 Deacon Mike McKeown

Deacon Mike McKeown of the Diocese of New Ulm talks about prayer being an avenue to reach family members who have fallen away from their faith while previewing his upcoming Day of Recollection titled: "Praying Your Loved Ones Into the Kingdom."

RPL Jan 8 Hr. 2 Seg 3 Dan Duffy and Fr. Mark McCormick

Dan Duffy and Fr. Mark McCormick talk about how the priests can keep their winning streak alive during this year’s Men in Black Basketball Game in the Diocese of Rapid City.

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