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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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RPL Hr. 1 January 2 Dr. Marcie Moran, Straight Talk with Fr. Will Thompson

In the first hour, hosts Michael Wilde and Fr. Will Thompson began by visiting with Dr. Marcie Moran of the Diocese of Sioux Falls about why making resolutions may not be the most fruitful or healthy way to start 2019. It was then your chance to call in with questions or comments for Fr. Will during our "Straight Talk" segment.

RPL Hr. 2 December 27 Bishop Robert Gruss, 10-Minute Tour, Deacon Eric Seitz, Fr. Adam Hamness

In the second hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Fr. Mark Lichter joined the Diocese of Rapid City's Bishop Robert Gruss to talk about how the Holy Family is a true icon of how our families should live and function as a unit and domestic church. Our hosts then took listeners on our 10-Minute Tour of local events. The Diocese of Fargo's newly ordained Deacon Eric Seitz spoke about his recent ordination to the transitional diaconate. Finally, Heather and Fr. Mark joined the Diocese of Crookston's Fr. Adam Hamness to talk about the Holy Innocents and why the Church honors them.

RPL Hr. 1 December 27 Fr. Patrick Grode, Straight Talk with Fr. Mark Lichter and Fr. John Short

In the first hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Fr. Mark Lichter began by visiting with Fr. Patrick Grode of the Diocese of Sioux Falls about if God cares about our pets and if we should get them blessed. It was then time for our "Straight Talk" call-in segment with Fr. Mark and Fr. John Short of Holy Spirit Church in Mitchell, SD. Listeners called in with questions on topics including: if we are released from our Friday penance obligation during the Octave of Christmas, how long the season of Christmas is, how you lovingly correct family members who go to Communion at Mass when you know they are going to another church on a regular basis or are vocally anti-Catholic, what "octave" means, and why we don't talk more about the Gospel passage where the tombs of the dead are opened and saints are seen walking on Earth.

RPL Hr. 2 December 26 10 - Minute Tour, Fr. Michael Garry, Bob Noel

In the second hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Fr. Tim Smith took you around the listening area to hear about local events in our 10-Minute Tour. They then spoke with the Diocese of Duluth's Fr. Michael Garry about the first Church martyr, St. Stephen. Finally, our hosts spoke with Bob Noel of the Diocese of Crookston about the importance of reaching our youth with the faith and how we can do this.

RPL Hr. 1 December 26 Samantha Dols, Straight Talk with Fr. Tim Smith

In the first hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Fr. Tim Smith began by visiting with Samantha Dols about the season of Christmas and how it doesn't actually end until January. It was then time for your questions for Fr. Tim during our "Straight Talk" call-in segment.

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