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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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In the first hour, hosts Michael Wilde and Jeanine Bitzan visited with Tom Kuberra of Northern Lights Landscaping in Duluth about some ideas to help you begin your next yard project. Our hosts then introduced this month's "Into the Deep" Call-In Segment, featuring the Diocese of Crookston's Deacon Mark Krecji. Listeners called in with questions or sent them via Facebook Live on topics including: what the local Church is doing to promote Natural Family Planning, the importance of the family meal, tips for staying grounded in the faith, and practical ways to charitably challenge loved ones who practice Catholicism but disregard Church teaching.

In the second hour, host Msgr. Patrick Schumacher first visited with the Diocese of Fargo's Fr. Kurtis Gunwall about why we would want to encourage teens and young adults to be brothers, sisters, and priests when there are many fields like medicine that desperately need help. Our host then joined Michael James Mette to talk about how he went from serving our country in the Air Force to touring the nation with his family, singing music about God. Finally, Monsignor presented a reflection on Divine Mercy as Divine Mercy Sunday approaches.

In the first hour, host Msgr. Patrick Schumacher began by visiting with Jessica Hed and Chaplain Obie Madison about the importance of giving back to our veterans and a practical way we can help do this. Monsignor then spoke with Ronda Mathiowetz about the Council of Catholic Women and how it provides an opportunity for women to serve the Church. Finally, our host had a chance to talk with Todd Tobin about how he went from being what he calls a "check box" Catholic to helping others return home to their faith.

In the second hour, hosts Fr. Richard Kunst and Fr. Ryan Moravitz visited with the Diocese of New Ulm's Bishop John LeVoir about what the apostles experienced when they encountered Jesus after His Resurrection. Our hosts were then joined by Marie Mullen to talk about this year's Built Upon a Rock Fest in Duluth.

In the first hour, hosts Fr. Richard Kunst and Fr. Ryan Moravitz began by talking with Dr. Edward Sri about what to do if someone accuses you of being judgmental. Fr. Kunst and Fr. Moravitz then spoke with Pastor Peter Kowitz of United Lutheran Church in Proctor, MN about if Catholics worship the Virgin Mary. Finally, our hosts visited with Dan Rentschler about what it's like to pilot a ship on the Great Lakes.

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