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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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In the first hour, host Fr. Michel Mulloy began by visiting with Jed Hillmer of Hillmer Eye Clinic in Fargo about what it means to have healthy vision and how we can be sure we are taking care of our eyes. Fr. Mulloy then was joined by the Diocese of Bismarck's Deacon Jarad Wolf to talk about his journey to the priesthood and his excitement to serve the Lord as a priest. Finally, our host spoke with Mona Franck and Lee Vidger about FirstChoice Clinic's "Driving Fore a Difference" golf event, which helps provide support for those facing unplanned pregnancies.

In the second hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Dr. Chris Burgwald visited with the Diocese of Duluth's Fr. Blake Rozier about keeping our faith and Mass attendance a priority during our summer vacations. Heather and Dr. Burgwald then spoke with Sr. Jean Louise about an opportunity for mothers and daughters to get away for a weekend and enjoy some time for prayer, peace, and plenty of fun. Finally, our hosts were joined by Katie Fritz, Sr. Rose, and Sr. Maria to talk about the new monastery for the Perpetual Adoration Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and how this new facility will impact their prayer life and how they serve the people of the Diocese of Sioux Falls.

In the first hour, hosts Heather Karrow and Dr. Chris Burgwald began by visiting with Isaac Olson of the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks and Duell Higbe of the Sioux Falls Canaries about the joy of the game. Heather and Dr. Burgwald then spoke with the Diocese of New Ulm's Deacon Mike McKeown about laying our burdens at the feet of Jesus and a special prayer service that can help us do that. Finally, our hosts visited with Jeff Simmons, outgoing Superintendent of the Aberdeen Catholic School System, about his time in Catholic education and how he will take that with him into his new role.

In the second hour, host Tim Mosser joined the Diocese of Rapid City's Bishop Robert Gruss to talk about clergy assignments and what goes into the decision for where our priests will serve. Tim then visited with Bill Batchelder of Bemidji Woolen Mills in Bemidji, MN about what goes into preparing all the hats, gloves, scarfs, jackets, and other outerwear that help us stay warm and dry during the winter months. Finally, our host was joined by Kathy Loney of the Diocese of Fargo to talk about two opportunities for boys and girls to learn more about their faith during the summertime.

In the first hour, host Tim Mosser visited with Monica Herman, Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation of Southern Minnesota, about what "stewardship" means and how practicing it can help create vibrant centers of faith and service. Tim then visited with Brad Hahn of Solidarity HealthShare about parental rights when it comes to making medical decisions for our children and how these decisions may be impacted by our insurance coverage.

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