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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.

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RPL Hr. 1 September 27 Joe Mettler, Into the Deep: Fr. Michel Mulloy

In the first hour, hosts Andy Shaw and Fr. Michel Mulloy sat down with beekeeper Joe Mettler to get an update on his experience with raising bees over the summer and to find out what it takes to collect the honey that has been made throughout the past few months. When then had our next "Into the Deep" Call-In/Facebook Live segment, featuring Fr. Mulloy, himself. Father answered questions on topics including: explaining the value of suffering to someone with a limited understanding of God, if Purgatory is referred to in the Bible, and why the Hebrews didn't sacrifice the animals they had with them if they were starving.

RPL Hr. 2 September 26 Deacon John Devlin, Barb Ernster, and Clyde Kringlen

In the second hour, hosts Michael Wilde and Fr. Will Thompson joined Deacon John Devlin to talk about an opportunity for you to join a pro-life movement which lines the streets and engages in peaceful prayer outside the Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls. Michael and Fr. Will then spoke with Barb Ernster about how we can live out the message from Our Lady at Fatima through some simple daily acts of faith. Finally, our hosts had a chance to visit with Clyde Kringlen about the upcoming Fall Dinner and Bazaar in Fosston, MN.

RPL Hr. 1 September 26 Courtney Ehlers, Monica Herman, and Emily Zinos

In the first hour, hosts Michael Wilde and Fr. Will Thompson began Our hosts joined Monica Herman to talk about how the Catholic Foundation of Southern Minnesota works with the Diocese of Winona-Rochester and helps the diocese continue its important work. Finally, Michael and Fr. Will spoke with Emily Zinos about how she is trying to help parents speak out when their children are learning morally compromising things at their schools.

RPL Hr. 2 September 25 Riley Jorgenson, Tim Henderson, and Deacon John Foucault

In the second hour, host Tim Mosser joined Riley Jorgenson of St. Michael's Church in Sioux Falls to talk about the importance of getting involved in parish life and an upcoming event at his parish featuring Chris Stefanick. Our host then visited with Tim Henderson about an opportunity in the Diocese of Rapid City to both support seminarians and enjoy a hunting excursion with Bishop Gruss. Finally, Tim spoke with Deacon John Foucault about this year's Theology Uncapped events and why it's so important to be able to have faith discussions, even if we have different points of view.

RPL Hr. 1 September 25 Kriste Ross and Mary Weiler, Dr. Jan George, and Fr. David Neuschwander

In the first hour, host Tim Mosser began by visiting with Kriste Ross and Mary Weiler of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention about the month of September being dedicated to bringing awareness to suicide prevention. Tim then spoke with Dr. Jan George about her new program on RPR and how her life has been influenced by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Finally, the Diocese of Superior's Fr. David Neuschwander spoke with our host about the importance of living out our call to love and what that could look like in our various states of life.

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