#11018 Is Mary the Woman in Revelation 12? - Tim Staples

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

05:55 – What was the timeline and details around the nativity of the Lord and their movement?
09:51 – If the bible wasn’t put together until the 300’s how can the early church claim that a heresy, such as Marcionism (140 AD), was against scripture?
15:54 – Is Mary the woman in Rev. 12 Mary? If so, she had child pains, so does that mean she was not sinless?
23:54 – Does Vatican II’s decree on ecumenism contradict tradition?
28:15 – How does one deliver the beauty of Catholicism?
44:56 – If Jesus flipped tables in the temple because of the money changers. How then, can we justify raffles, bingo, and casino nights at our churches?
49:43 – Can I receive communion at a Byzantine Catholic Church and is it licit for them to clean the spoons with just water?

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