#10993 Has the Church Historically Committed Errors? - Tim Staples

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

03:40 – I recently went to confession and the priest mumbled and possibly skipped some of the words of absolution. Would this make the confession invalid?
07:00 – What is the origin of Satan?
18:36 – Rev. 11 you refer to the Ark being Mary in your book. But in Rev 12 it introduces Mary. Isn’t that a bit redundant of the ark is Mary?
23:33 – How can the Church say its teaching has never erred when the Council of Constance 2 said that it was forbidden to receive communion in both species?
36:45 – Where is the Trinity in the Mass?
40:32 – If you go to Mass and are in a state of grace but willingly choose not to receive the Eucharist, is that a sin?
44:16 – What would be a good way to start a conversation with non-Catholics to evangelize?
49:49 – Why do you need a gluten free host if it becomes the body and blood of Christ?

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