#10991 Faith and Science - Stacy Trasancos

Questions Covered:

11:51 – I believe science used to be a study in philosophy. 
18:45 – I had a conversation on science and religion and realized that even the most complex equations are still less than God. 
22:12 – If the universe operates on quantum mechanics and has no beginning or end, how do we reconcile this with the Christian understanding of creation? 
28:41 – Are you familiar with Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse? What are your thoughts on that? 
33:00 – Where do you stand on the idea of God implementing evolution to develop creation? 
35:53 – How do we come to the understanding of the incarnation if there was no way he would have been provided with a Y chromosome? 
41:08 – How could God be good if he can create us with dangerous things like gamma radiation everywhere that can kill us simply by being in its presence? 
48:33 – Wouldn’t the story of the loaves and fishes suspend the laws of physics? 

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