#10990 Challenges to Vatican II - Michael Lofton

Questions Covered:

09:16 – Are Catholics finding it difficult to argue for certain moral issues since the issuance of Vatican II documents that emphasize the primacy of conscience?
17:47 – I think if we followed what the Council said things would be a lot better, and fewer people would receive Communion unworthily.
19:59 – Do you think we can get back to what the documents of the council truly say?
24:15 – If we believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, why did Vatican II change the way of receiving communion to the hand?
32:16 – Why would anyone become Catholic if we teach ecumenism?
35:06 – Why were Protestants involved in Vatican II?
39:10 – How can Lumen Gentium 16 be true since the Muslims deny the Trinity?
45:57 – The faithful never received what the bishops voted on at the Council. So it’s hard to discern the fruits of the council.
49:04 – Why do all the Vatican II popes have all these ecumenical events with other world religions, like the Assisi events, that are explicit violations of the first commandment?

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