#10904 Open Forum - Jim Blackburn

Questions Covered:

05:12 – Why doesn’t the Catholic Church consider other Protestant denominations’ communion valid?
12:06 – If God is outside of time and in the eternal, how does God know if someone didn’t honor the sabbath or know of delayed obedience?
15:23 – Is there anything in the Catechism that says anything when the baby in the womb has a soul?
19:52 – My household is very lukewarm. I’ve become curious about learning more about the Theotokos. What is it?
29:51 – What does it mean to be in the state of Grace?
35:54 – An abortion doctor in Indiana performed an abortion on a 10-year-old. How do I defend life in that situation?
41:47 – Is there a program that I can order online about apologetics? Where can we go to get a good explanation about the Inquisition and the crusades?
46:04 – Is it a mortal sin for a Catholic married couple to use the withdrawal method?

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