#10827 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered: 

03:12 – How do the motives of credibility prove the cause of miracles are of an omnipotent being as opposed to a being with sufficient power to cause the miracles? 
08:38 – When patients stop taking food orally, are we obligated to start IVs for nutrition? 
16:55 – How do I respond to a friend who says we no longer need to use a crucifix since Jesus is no longer on the cross? 
22:11 – How do you interpret 1 Cor. 15:50? How do you reconcile this with the resurrection of Jesus? 
28:47 – Why did God allow war in heaven during the fall of the angels? 
42:59 – How do you justify not believing in justification by faith alone specifically regarding Romans 6:1-7? 
47:56 – Do college fraternities and sororities fall under the category of secret societies? 

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