#10817 Open Forum (Live from CA Conference) - Trent Horn

Questions Covered:

03:08 – If God forgets our sins, what happens in the final judgment when our sins are revealed? 
08:00 – My son entered in a same sex union, how do I deal with this in the family dynamic especially when some celebrate it and other reject it?  
15:08 – How do we as the extended family deal with a same sex family member 
19:09 – How do you discount the theory of the bible alone in a nice way? 
23:10 – If God doesn’t change his mind, what’s the purpose of prayer? 
34:41 – Is the holy eucharist a prerequisite for entrance to heaven? 
36:45 – When God uses singular pronouns in the Old Testament, is it safe to assume that He’s referring to the Father alone? 
42:55 – When does transubstantiation occur during the mass? 
47:16 – How efficacious are the sacraments celebrated by bad clergy? 

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