#10791 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

03:14 – If a Catholic was not a practicing Catholic at the time they eloped & married a non-Catholic who says they were Baptized as a teenager in a Catholic Church after attending service once, but has no proof of Baptism and no one in their life including them remembers where or how Baptism might have happened… is their marriage a natural valid marriage or invalid?
04:50 – And if the Catholic wanted to become an active Catholic & baptize their toddler, what would need to happen first, if anything, besides Confession?
07:17 – Also, this family is a military family and doesn’t stay put very long to figure these kinds of things out, which is partly why they ended up married civilly in the first place since neither was even in the same country in the months leading up to their marriage. It’s complicated.
13:10 – Did the characterization of God in Hebrew tradition differ from the Christian characterization of God? According to the Old Testament, Moses saw God face to face and God appeared as a column of smoke. However, St. John states in John 1:18 and 1 John 4:12 that no one has ever seen God. If so, who did Moses see? Old Testament is pretty adamant that Moses actually spoke intimately with God, not as a prophet does.
23:20 – Since we lost Sanctifying Grace because of Adam and Eve, how is it that some people, after the downfall, were able to continue to “do good”?
31:06 – I wonder how we are supposed to view satan. In the Old Testament, it seems like satan is just filling a role, I’m thinking specifically in Job. While any other mention of satan it is as a title. Job specifically tells us that satan is roaming between heaven and earth. God speaks to him as he does to anyone else. Then there’s a shift in the New Testament where satan is a specific being and has become malicious. Is satan just an angel doing what he is supposed to do, or is he an evil entity that is out to get us?
37:04 – We pray for the souls in purgatory. Can souls in purgatory pray for each other?
38:07 – Was Joseph of Arimathea eventually buried in his own tomb?
45:05 – Why don’t Catholics believe in the rapture? I have had to explain this so much to people, I think it would be helpful.
52:33 – Did Mary have labor pains due to original sin? Was Jesus born in a natural and ordinary way or was it something extraordinary (i.e ‘like a ray of light that passes through a glass without breaking it’). Has the Church officially ruled on the matter? If not, what position should a catholic adopt in this regard? What about those folks (even Catholics) who believe Mary did have labor pains due to original sin?

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