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Questions Covered:

02:32 – If demons can possess people, could Raphael have possessed a willing host such that when he introduced himself as Azarias son of the great Ananias he wasn’t actually lying? I heard an answer recently where you addressed this falsehood and my husband came up with this potential alternate solution.
12:11 – What blessings can a layperson give? What effect does it have? How does it differ from blessings given by priests bishops and deacons?
17:17 – If God is omniscient, why does he create souls he knows he is going to throw into hell at the end of their life?
23:33 – Jimmy, I love your Mysterious World! Can you explain what the Apostolic Pardon is? I think many people would be interested to learn about this since none of us are getting out of this world alive. Thank you and God bless.
29:44 – The Enchiridion of Indulgences seems to grant a plenary indulgence at the moment of death to every Catholic who makes a regular practice of praying throughout their life. Can you confirm this, and whether this is something automatically applied to every Catholic who regularly prays, such that purgatory for praying Catholics is not an option?
36:59 – Does the penance given in the confessional in response to a good full confession equate to a plenary indulgence?
40:28 – What is the canonical status of the Greek introduction to the Book of Sirach? Is it considered to be an inspired part of the book or is it more like the Greek Ezra, 3 Maccabees, or Psalm 151–a work associated with the Bible, and sometimes even printed in the Bible, but not considered to be Scripture (“semi-scriptural stuff”)?
47:46 – What is the difference between sinful usury of biblical times and non-sinful usury of modern times?
50:10 – Is somebody who is unable to access their preferred form of the Mass (e.g., someone who would usually go to a Latin Mass and only a Novus Ordo Mass is accessible, or vice versa as well) required to attend another form to meet their Sunday/Holy Day obligation?
And if so, what can someone say to somebody who is convinced they are excused from their obligation if their preferred form of the Mass is not accessible on a given obligatory day?

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