#10799 German Bishops and the Synodal Way - JD Flynn

Questions Covered:

20:59 – What gives the German bishops the authority to do what they’re doing? If they don’t have authority why doesn’t the pope reprimand them? 
23:29 – What are your thoughts on establishing a Catholic monarchy? 
30:06 – This disunity is what’s keeping me from being Catholic. How should I approach this? 
34:16 – I know there’s a pope who, when he was elected, immediately got rid of the bishops and appointed new ones. Do you happen to know who this pope was? 
45:35 – Is it fair to make a comparison of the surveys the protestant churches sent out to the survey the bishops sent out for this synod? 
50:54 – Is there a similar disparity within the German bishops as to the US bishops? 

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