#10797 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

06:15 – Why do Catholics pray to the saints and Mary? 
15:10 – Was St. Ann cleansed of original sin because of her conceiving of Mary? 
19:12 – Will we be able to teleport to other planets in our resurrected bodies? 
24:07 – A Oneness Pentecostal argued that the saints praying for us places a burden on them and that’s why it’s impossible for them to pray for us. How do I respond? 
33:52 – Is there any explanation on the sinless Mary that is biblically founded? I’d love to hear concretely why we can assume she’s free of sin. 
39:42 – What power does Mary have as intercessor? 
46:00 – What are your thoughts on astral spiders? Are they demons or of a demonic nature? 
52:03 – I heard a prophecy that said that once Queen Elizabeth died, Jesus would return. Is this true? What are your thoughts on this prophecy? 

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