#10796 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

Questions Covered:

03:46 – Is it appropriate for a Catholic to use the practice of accessing your inner child by using your non-dominant hand to write with? 
10:37 – My dad is very close to converting to Catholicism. His wife is more hesitant, do you know any books in Chinese that I could give her? 
14:00 – Why doesn’t the Church come out and say marijuana isn’t an intrinsic evil and actually has good potential for medical use? 
21:42 – What would happen is a mega church pastor converted to Catholicism, would he be able to be ordained as a priest? 
31:57 – What is the Catholic interpretation of Hebrews 6:4-6? 
41:36 – My catechism book says that if you feel guilty for a sin that you have already been forgiven for, that you should still confess it. Is this true? 
46:57 – Is it alright to ask Jesus to pray for you? 
52:50 – What’s the proper term for a person who received all the sacraments but didn’t live it out until 20 years after being away from the Church? 

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