#10794 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

Questions Covered:

04:55 – How does the annulment process work? If the process is approved, what does that imply? 
14:30 – If I stand in line for confession but it ends, am I still able to receive communion even though I didn’t get to go to confession? 
17:59 – Since Jesus is the only path to salvation, how is it possible to pray to Mary? Is it somewhere in the bible? 
28:34 – Is there still purgatory after the final judgment? 
33:09 – What is a lukewarm soul? 
39:50 – Are you allowed to get married after your ex-wife dies? And if you remarry, can you receive communion? 
43:33 – 1 Jn 3:6 My friends use this passage as evidence for once saved always saved. How do I respond? 
48:50 – Is it likely that Joseph moved up the “engagement phase” with Mary? If Mary and Joseph had had marital relations during the betrothal, would it have been a stonable offense? 

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