#10790 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

01:38 – A family member with dementia has me thinking a lot about this: Say you’re Catholic and maybe haven’t been the most charitable or loving, but you do your basic duty of Mass and Confession. Dementia creeps up–either slowly or quickly–and you get to the point where you don’t know what day it is, much less is able to make an examination of conscience for confession. I just wonder about the state of the soul that can’t improve or offer things up. I know you’re not responsible for your actions if you’re not in your right mind, but do you think they can gain any merit just for the trial of what they’re going through?
05:37 – Any thoughts/ideas about when the Great Pyramid was built? Some say 4000 BC, but others claim 10,000 BC is more like it, even pre-flood, where its air shaft would then point to a different Star.
16:36 – What’s the best way to talk to people who just don’t see anything good about what the church teaches?
18:17 – I have been in a few debates about “limbo.” Does it exist? And do un-baptized children go there?
So many different thoughts on this from many different theologians
21:44 – Is the Latin Mass evil, good, or wonderful, and why does Francis hate it so much?
24:00 – How would you answer Atheist regard the problem of “unresistant unbelief”? If a fellow says he wants to believe in God and be a Christian (as one famous Atheist YouTuber said recently), but just needs some confirming sign to push him over the hump, what explanation can we give for why God refrains from doing so? Or is there some other reply?
28:26 – How is it possible that when a semi-trailer is carrying a bunch of honeybee hives, a honeybee can fly outside of the hive and just hover right there while the truck is moving 75 miles an hour and the honeybee doesn’t get left behind? This blows my mind lol I need Jimmy’s help
33:18 – I know it is illicit for someone like a grandparent to baptize a child in secret, against both parents’ wishes, and against their priest’s decision even though my understanding is valid. My question is, did the child ultimately benefit from this? If yes, why is it considered illicit? If not, how come?
Was it just neutral?
36:23 – Do vampires have souls? Is it murder to slay a vampire (assuming the classical undead form)?
41:55 – What do you think of AI-created “art” (MidJourney, etc)? I used to think there could be a Turing test equivalent, i.e., that we’d always be able to tell the difference between computer-generated images and human-created art, but as I see what is being created by MidJourney and the like I’m having doubts
45:23 – Is there a distinction between Hell / Hades / Gehenna / Sheol (Shuh ull)/ Lake of Fire, or are they all the same thing?
50:08 – Why is sex outside of marriage sinful? This seems to be an overwhelming reality.

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