#10786 Ask a Priest - Fr. Samuel Keyes

Questions Covered:

02:56 – What makes masturbation a mortal sin? 
07:59 – If the protestants lost apostolic succession because of their errors, why did the Orthodox lose it? 
12:45 – Act 5 and Joshua 7 because the stories are so similar, can we say that Peter is a new Joshua? 
16:53 – What are the Catholic grounds for divorce? 
20:18 – I watched a video that claimed Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not related. Is this true? 
24:28 – What’s the purpose of venerating saint relics? 
31:05 – I found some Old Testament verses about illegitimate children and now I feel worthless. What does God say about us? 
36:20 – When did the shift happen from calling priests by their last name to their first name? 
42:13 – What drew you into the Catholic Church? 
46:08 – Can you help clarify the difference between divorce and annulment? 
49:42 – My parish depicted Adam and Eve as a parable. Was it a real story? 

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