#10757 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

02:48 – What are your thoughts on a pre-tribulation rapture? 
10:41 – What are your thoughts on if the mystical experiences of the New Testament were due to the use of psychedelic drugs? 
16:06 – I was debating with a Muslim and he asked why God sent the Holy Spirit? Wouldn’t this make sending Jesus pointless? How do I respond? 
21:18 – What is the history of the pentacle? Why does the Church frown upon it? 
24:29 – Why do things in life grow? 
33:19 – Is it proper to interpret Marian apparitions naturally or supernaturally? 
37:05 – How can we as Catholics believe in evolution, the big bang, and the 7 days of creation all at once? Resources: https://www.catholic.com/audio/caf/is-the-big-bang-a-proof-of-god 
44:33 – How do I incorporate fasting into my prayer life? 
49:28 – Why is Easter celebrated on Sunday instead of Monday? Why call it Easter and not Resurrection Day? 

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