#10755 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

Questions Covered:

03:18 – Will we be able to fly in our resurrected body? Would I be able to fly to space?
11:35 – How do I implement an understanding of the development of doctrine to Vatican 2?
16:44 – What did Jesus mean that the only exception to leaving a marriage is due to immorality?
23:27 – Could you explain what Jn 1:1 means?
33:15 – How do you respond to the claim “Catholics think you can buy your way into heaven?”
37:15 – How do I explain to my friend that it’s important to go back to church since she feels betrayed by God due to her daughter’s illness?
45:17 – How culpable is a person who committed mortal sins due to trauma that he had?
52:22 – Is faith a work?

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