#10710 Ask a Priest - Fr. Paul Check

Questions Covered:

02:15 – I’m protestant, I grew up thinking Catholic symbolism was idol worship. Where did we go wrong in that thinking?
10:10 – Is God both merciful and just? How does this manifest itself on the cross?
17:00 – Is the idea that Anglicanism is not valid an indefinite teaching in the Catholic Church?
22:06 – Both cremation and communion in the hand became permissible in the 1960’s. A. What’s the most proper way of disposing of a body? B. When and why did communion in the hand become universal?
30:01 – Why isn’t the Church using extraordinary ministers of holy communion or deacons to go give communion at hospitals?
32:09 – If Jesus is all merciful and we should be like him, should we be imprisoning murderers and thieves?
37:52 – What is the Church’s stance on the Old Catholic Church?
44:15 – What is the significance of doing a pilgrimage? What is the best way to prepare for one?
47:56 – Is it ok for Catholics to cross-dress in situations like theater or cosplay? What’s the best way to respond to the pro-abortion reply that Catholics are pro-life because it was started in a time of misogyny?
52:43 – Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” Did he mean physically or spiritually?

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