#10707 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

03:55 – Is there any reason we should think that Adam was given a rational soul at the moment of his conception?
10:28 – What would be the best way to respond to protestants when they try to claim that St. Augustine believed protestant doctrine?
14:55 – Why does the Catechism say that we go to heaven, hell or purgatory right after death if scripture says differently? Why does the Catechism say there are 2 judgements?
21:00 – Has Christ provided everything for our salvation?
22:40 – Who are the people who Cain was afraid of after he was exiled?
28:38 – Do I lose salvation for not going to a Catholic Church? Is the Eucharist essential for salvation?
32:47 – When Jesus died, the curtain was torn into two. What’s the significance of that in our Christian life?
35:40 – In the Old Testament, how can people believe in false gods especially when they were tested, and nothing happened? When people that go through RCIA and go into the church turn away from the church, are they held accountable for their actions?
43:29 – Revelation 12:9-12 says that St. Michael will fight with the devil. What exactly does that mean?
48:43 – Follow up on torn veil question: Rending one’s garments was used as a form of mourning. This meaning can also be used to describe the veil being torn in two.
50:38 – What are your thoughts on us having unused DNA and us possibly using it in the next life?

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