#10704 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

Questions Covered:

06:17 – I’m a new Catholic, can you help me understand the devotion to the infant Jesus?
11:39 – How do I approach someone who is not Catholic to come to mass, but they have a history of receiving communion at Catholic churches?
21:03 – How do I respond to someone who claims Marian apparitions are demonic apparitions because demons can appear as creatures of light?
28:28 – What does the Church teach about dreams? Can they be sinful?
35:31 – Why do we not hear Act 19:18 when discussing the sacrament of reconciliation? Is the verse relevant?
44:02 – What is the sin that cannot be forgiven? What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?
48:11 – Does Corinth 6:3 prove that humans are above angels?
53:05 – What’s the relationship between mercy and justice?

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