#10701 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

Questions Covered:

04:42 – Has the Catholic Church changed its understanding of time based on Purgatory? Is the purgation process meritorious for salvation? 
15:49 – Is a sin truly forgiven completely after confession? Can you share an example of a priest not forgiving someone in confession? 
23:34 – I’m not Catholic. How do I forgive the sin of my husband’s past who has Alzheimer’s? 
32:30 – How can you tell the difference between personal thoughts and God’s calling? 
40:39 – Not a listener, our number was recommended… How can I be true to my Catholic faith while also respecting the people around me with different views? 
50:02 – How can someone like Adam or Angels choose something evil knowing that it’s evil? 

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