#10688 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

02:51 – If a bishop proclaimed that we should all stand during the consecration, would we be obliged to abide by it? 
06:07 – What should happen to the eucharist in the monstrance if the adoration chapel is closed overnight? 
10:23 – My husband just bought the book of Enoch. Is it ok for him to read?   
13:39 – Does doing good works out of mere responsibility merit anything good? 
19:09 – In the Hail Holy Queen what does “After this exile” mean? What are your thoughts on RH- blood? Can you do a mysterious world episode? 
22:50 – Protestants claim that its clear which books are in the bible so sola scriptura isn’t needed. What is your response? 
32:36 – Aquinas says we should pay latria to the cross. Doesn’t this conflict with the teaching of latria to only God? 
36:25 – How would you respond to a protestant who says that in the Old Testament they didn’t have a magisterium, so we don’t need one now? 
41:03 – Does the church teach anything on circumcision and is it ethical in our current time? 
43:43 – Do we have a responsibility to stay within our own liturgical rite? 
48:24 – What’s the history of offering bread and wine as a sacrifice leading up to the time of Jesus? 
51:29 – What should I do with the ashes of a cremated Catholic? 
52:32 – Which is a better translation: the NAB or the Jerusalem bible? 

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