#10687 Open Forum - Michael Lofton

Questions Covered:

04:34 – How can Catholics claim that there is no list of people in hell but invoke anathemas in the councils. How would I respond to this challenge from my Calvinist friend? 
15:17 – How do we know that the universe did not happen because of a necessary process? Is a personal God necessary for creation? Could it just be an impersonal being that caused creation? 
19:47 – How do we know that the first cause from Aquinas’ argument is God? 
24:04 – What bible verses back the claim that we do not adore the Virgin Mary? Looks good 
34:24 – Can saying the Lord’s prayer during mass act as a sort of act of contrition? Looks good 
38:15 – Who are spiritual directors? Can they be laymen? When do you know if you need one? How do you find one? Looks good 
44:02 – Is it possible for us to believe in the 7 days of creation, big bang, and evolution? 
47:30 – How is it possible for the Catholic Church to have eastern saints post schism? 
50:40 – Would it make sense to say that the Islamic forces interrupting communications between Christians caused the Great Schism? 

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