#10684 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

Questions Covered:

04:57 – When Jesus was walking up to the cross and fell 3 times, did that signify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
10:10 – Could there be significance in correlating the number of words in a verse to stress the importance in scripture? Send Words of Eternal Life
17:27 – Would God allow suffering even if nothing good were to come from it?
23:24 – Why did women stop covering their heads in Church?
34:26 – St. Gertrude received a prayer to save souls in purgatory. Why don’t we promote this or is this a valid prayer?
41:34 – Does the Catholic Church have a teaching on what happens to us after we die?
45:55 – I’m a new Catholic. When is it appropriate to ask God for help rather than appeal to Mary?
51:02 – I’m starting a bible study with half non-Catholics; how do I market properly to all?
53:30 – I’m not Catholic but my husband is. Why do I have to become Catholic if we are all children of God?

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