#10648 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

01:15 – The Bible is called the word of God. Jesus is also called the Word of God. What is the difference between them? I have heard one person argue that because the Bible and Jesus are the Word of God and the Word of God is God, the Bible is also God. I know most people don’t believe this, but using the same word for each is kind of confusing. Why are both the Bible and Jesus each called the word of God, and what is the difference between them? 
12:25 – Reading church history, one thing that is clear to me from the early fathers on up is that bishops were not allowed to move dioceses–a bishop was elected to one diocese and he stayed there till death. This was even inserted into the canons of Nicaea and observed throughout the Middle Ages. Sometime between the end of the Middle Ages and today this changed, because now Bishops are routinely transferred from one diocese to the next. I don’t know when this happened or why and I would like to know what made the Church change its thinking here. 
18:25 – From a Catholic perspective, what is the proof the Bible is both inspired and inerrant? 
22:30 – In the interest of a family member that wants their ashes spread in the mountains, I really need to know if Church teaching/Canon law would allow me to enter a portion of the ashes. I’d like firm information to go on, please! 
30:30 – What will the new heaven and earth be like? 
34:15 – How important is it for Catholics to obtain a plenary indulgence (corporal works of mercy) and offer to the poor souls in purgatory? I never hear apologists’ comment, condone, or approve of this practice. 
40:12 – My 13-yo would like to know that if the Catholic Church is built on faith, and God was scientifically proven to exist, would we still need the Church? 
48:55 – What might life have been like if not for the Fall? 
51:10 – If the Holy Spirit is needed to believe in Jesus, How did the apostle believe in Jesus if the Holy Spirit hadn’t descended yet until Pentecost? 
52:50 – If there were other fallen intelligent species on Earth (Sasquatches, whatnot), would Christ’s death have saved them too? 

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