#10650 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

Questions Covered:

01:03 – What is the Catholic take on the Rapture?
06:45 – The Manual of Indulgences says that a priest is not present at the point of death the Church grants it. So does that mean that any Catholic can receive it if the other requirements are fulfilled. Am I interpreting this correctly?
14:12 – What are St. Augustine’s view on fraternal correction and when its obligatory
31:10 – I’m going to be confirmed on Saturday. Can I receive communion because I’m still having doubts about the real presence?
35:44 – Could you explain to me what it means that Mary is co-redemptrix?
42:49 – Why did Jesus appear to the women after the resurrection? How can we trust their accuracy if all accounts are different?
47:41 – Why did Constantine think he had the authority to change the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?
49:56 – I’m Protestant considering conversion. I can’t make sense of the Marian teachings. Why was it important for Mary to remain sinless?

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