#10653 Open Forum - Tim Staples

Questions Covered:

03:09 – How do you tell the difference between purgatory and hell?
05:13 – Why are Christianity and Buddhism not compatible?
14:25 – Would the son of a married Catholic priest be able to become a married Catholic priest?
18:58 – I lost my 18 Y.O son to suicide. How do I make sense of this and what’s the Church’s understanding? Resource: When a Loved One Dies by Suicide – Ave Maria Press
31:08 – Why doesn’t God just eliminate Satan?
34:56 – What’s the official Church teaching on centering prayer by Thomas Keating and Christian meditation according to John Main? What are the concerns?
44:40 – My friend claims that the bible’s context was changed in different periods of time. How do I refute this?
52:31 – I’m Nigerian and in my home country Christians are being killed. In Lk. 22:36 it says that Christians should fight. Should we take up arms to fight back?

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