#10185 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

Questions Covered:

06:39 – How should Job 38:1-6 be interpreted? It doesn’t sound like a compassionate God. 
17:15 – Why are the Jesuits considered to be the black sheep of the Catholic family? 
23:38 – What is the nature of heaven’s structure like, since we know that at least 3 people have bodies there? 
32:55 – Do people who receive the Eucharist unworthily eat and drink condemnation (mortal sin) on themselves? Isn’t that the punishment of choosing to receive unworthily? 
42:20 – I don’t think the book of Job is divinely inspired. How could such a vengeful God be our God? 
53:05 – Now that marijuana is legal, is it okay to take it in moderation like a glass of wine or some Zoloft? 

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