#10183 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

00:50 – Is it accurate to say that God can create time and other things that change because of his permissive will? 
06:45 – How do I explain Adoration and the real presence to my Protestant grandmother? 
12:15 – Where can I find the physical, original books of the Bible? 
24:00 – Why does it take so long for adults to get baptized? 
34:45 – How am I supposed to be confident in God’s existence if the Church Fathers were only theorizing about him? 
42:05 – Why has the Church never ousted the Italian mafia? 
48:40 – My friend is trying to enter the Catholic Church but is being told she needs an annulment for her first marriage, which was supposedly a Catholic wedding. What should she do? 
53:55 – Facebook Live…Is there a conflict between Luke and Matthew’s Nativity narratives? 
55:00 – How do we know the prophecies in the Old Testament were referring to the Messiah? 

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