#10143 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

03:00 – If you’ve lived a good life, but do something serious at the end of your life that could possibly be a rejection of God, will all be lost, and you’ll lose your salvation? 
10:15 – What caused Protestants to form and split off from the Catholic Church? How close is the Protestant church to reunification with Rome? 
16:45 – Are fetal cells lines still alive and united to a soul? Is there a soul present and animating those cells? 
22:24 – If someone innocent was going to die and a priest steps in, offering his life instead, would that be suicide and a mortal sin? Would that priest go to hell? 
33:20 – How can I be sure that I have really confessed and repented of all my sins? 
40:50 – I am not Catholic. I consider myself to be a methodological naturalist. Why do Catholics claim that naturalism is false? 
48:56 – Why should we choose the Catholic Church over any other church that does not hold to Sola Scriptura? 
51:50 – Is it ever appropriate to stay the night, not in the same room, with a person that one is dating? I live in the same town as my girlfriend and regularly stay at her house, so I don’t have to make the 20-minute drive home. 

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