#10139 Open Forum - Tim Staples

Questions Covered:

02:23 – Since Adam and Eve were supposedly the first two people on the earth, how could they be the parents of everyone? Wouldn’t there have to be another family at least? 
06:33 – I am Protestant and am wondering, since idolatry is a mortal sin, does that mean that those who committed idolatry in Maccabees did not go to purgatory? 
16:23 – Should the Church have Eucharistic ministers or should the priest be the only one to distribute Holy Communion? 
20:50 – Does social media bring us closer to God or further away? In your opinion, has social media been a positive influence in evangelization? 
28:54 – How do you respond to Protestants about Judith and the deuterocanonical books being historically inaccurate? 
36:08 – I am going through RCIA. In speaking with my Protestant dad about confession, he says you shouldn’t confess to a man, but to Jesus Christ. He doesn’t think the authority of the apostles extends down to priests today. How can I defend the sacrament of confession and apostolic succession to my dad? 
44:49 – What is the difference between Final Judgement and particular judgement? 
50:10 – Recently you wrote about Pachamama and Pope Francis, saying that what happened at the Vatican was not idolatry. How can you defend that? 

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