#10087 Helpers on High: The Intercession of the Saints - Karlo Broussard

Why do Catholics pray to Mary and the saints?
Questions Covered:

15:51 – Do souls in heaven have the authority or ability to intercede for those who are living? 
21:05 – Protestants say that the saints will not pray for us because they are too involved in the adoration of God to worry about any of us on earth. How can I respond to that? 
24:08 – My father passed away on Friday. He wanted his ashes to be spread in the gulf. Is that acceptable in the Church? Why or why not? 
33:23 – How does Mary receive my prayer requests if she is not omnipresent? 
42:00 – When the saints intercede for us, do they just intercede to Jesus or to the entire Trinity? 
46:45 – Whenever I talk to a Protestant, their first objection to Catholicism is praying to Mary, saying there is no biblical evidence for it. I reference the wedding at Cana. Am I going about this in the right way? 
51:41 – Protestants ask me why Paul or Peter didn’t pray for the intercession of the Old Testament saints in Scripture. How can I respond? 

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