#10032 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Listeners call in with their questions about the Catholic faith.
Questions Covered:

05:36 – The Council of Florence stated that one could go to hell for original sin alone. How can this be? 
10:22 – In different translations of John 14:17, the Holy Spirit is referred to as “it” or “him”. Which one is correct? 
14:53 – What is a convincing argument to try to explain to a Jewish friend that Christ is actually the Messiah? 
22:19 – I know that there is no salvation outside of the Church, but I have heard that you can be saved outside of the Church if you are in spiritual communion with the Church. Is that true? 
28:30 – In Matthew 8:18-20, it says, “where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am.” Is Jesus still there if I pray by myself? 
29:56 – Do guardian angels have names? Should we name them? Should we pray to them? 
34:10 – Why do you need to go in front of the Church civilly to be married? 
40:54 – In the Apostle’s Creed, it says “Christ rose again from the dead.” Didn’t he only rise once? 
43:25 – Does the declaration on religious freedom from Pope Paul VI contradict the Catholic practice of infant baptism, since the infants aren’t given the freedom to choose baptism for themselves? 
49:10 – Is it true that morality only exists because human beings figured out that if they didn’t kill each other and work together, that they couldn’t continue the human race and live life pleasurably? Is the source of morality deeper than this? 

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