#10033 Open Forum - Jim Blackburn

Listeners call in with their questions about the Catholic faith.
Questions Covered:

04:40 – For people who have given up something during Lent, can that food be eaten on feast days and Sundays during Lent? 
08:08 – Is St. Paul reprimanding St. Peter in Galatians 2 when he criticizes a man named Cephas? 
14:03 – Should you stay in a youth group community that is lax or teaching incorrect doctrine? 
20:19 – Is having the gift of tongues demonic? I heard that St. Thomas Aquinas said this gift shouldn’t be used by anyone anymore? 
31:05 – As Christians, are we called to let “Jesus take the wheel” or called to defend ourselves? 
41:37 – Why do we pray and have faith if we have no guarantees about who God is? 
46:41 – In Luke 22:31, is the Lord giving Satan permission to tempt Christians? 
49:38 – Is there any occasion within a confession might not be valid because a priest omits asking you to recite the Act of Contrition or does not give a penance? 

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