#10030 Self-Love - Gregory Popcak

How can we truly follow God’s command to “love our neighbors as we love ourselves”?
Questions Covered:

18:00 – Is it wrong to thank God for good things that I know others must go without? 
19:55 – People have told me it’s wrong to tell a child or another person, “I am so proud of you.” If it’s wrong to say that, what is the phrasing that should be used? Is this a bad kind of pride? 
30:49 – My husband’s mother is the kind of person who wants to tell us every negative thing about everyone in the family, often rehashing old bad things that happened. How can we respectfully set the boundary with her that we do not want to hear this kind of talk? We want to hear about things going on if we can help to find a solution, but she is just talking to talk. 
40:56 – I have been struggling mentally for a long time. From a Catholic perspective, how can I best go about finding help for anxiety and depression? 
49:02 – Is St. Dymphna a positive person to pray to for mental health?   

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