#10031 Pro-Life Open Forum - Dr. George Delgado

Questions Covered:

09:04 – In Australia, they have created an embryo from human cells. What are the ethical implications of this? 
16:18 – Do you know the percentage of OBGYNs who are pro-abortion? How can you find a pro-life doctor? 
22:00 – Who should we contact, as laity, to push for pro-life in the Church and get more priests to speak out about abortion? 
29:23 – If someone refuses medical treatment, is that a form of suicide? 
33:23 – I am a veterinarian and, in many situations,, I euthanize animals. People say to me, why can’t we do that for people if we can do it for dogs? How can I respond to that? 
39:57 – How can the Church approve the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines when they were tested on aborted fetal cell lines? 
44:53 – Is a feeding tube considered to be extraordinary care for someone? Could the feeding tube ever be ethically removed or declined? 
50:30 – Are there any circumstances at all in which abortion is licit when the mother’s life is in immediate danger? 

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